Thomson Law Firm  - Lindsey Thomson

Ashdown City Attorney and Prosecutor

Lindsey Thomson was elected Ashdown City Attorney on January 1, 2015.  She serves as legal counsel for the City of Ashdown and Prosecutor for municipal criminal cases filed within the Little River County District Court.   She is proud to be the first female elected as Ashdown's City Attorney. 

As City Attorney, she is general legal counsel for the City of Ashdown and its officials, including the Mayor, City Clerk, and City Council.  She attends monthly City Council meetings, drafts and prepares ordinances, resolutions, and other legal documents, assists with code enforcement, provides legal advise to city departments, and addresses general legal issues and claims against the City.    She is responsible for representing the City in state and federal court. 

Through this position, she is the Prosecutor on all criminal cases filed in the Little River County District Court of which occurred within city limits.   These cases include criminal offenses such as DWI, theft, domestic battery, assault, harassment, misdemeanor possession of drugs or paraphernalia, traffic citations, etc.  She also prosecutes individuals who violate city ordinances. 

For questions regarding the City of Ashdown, contact:

    Ashdown City Hall
    P.O. Box 135
    250 North 2nd Street
    Ashdown, AR 71822
    (870) 898-2622  
    M-F 7:00 a.m - 3:30 p.m. 

For questions regards a city criminal case or traffic citation, please contact:

     Little River County District Clerk
     351 North 2nd Street (upstairs office)
     Ashdown, AR 71822
     (870) 898-7230